Jennifer Monahan
      Award-Winning Author of
      "An American in Oz"
I'm Jennifer Monahan, award-winning author, life-long learner, open-minded, embracing change and currently focused on connection, discovering and noticing how unified we truly are; each of us influencing one another with the good, the not so good, and the indifferent ways of being.

In the past, I focused on the practical side of life; health, finances, home decorating, food, wine, travel, and friendships. Before the Internet was available, I subscribed to magazines in all of the above categories, and I read and read and read, applying what I learned along the way with ever-increasing success. But there was one area of my life that was in shambles.

At the end of my second failed marriage (there were three in all), I realized my greatest upsets and challenges were among those closest to me. I had no skill sets and little guidance in how to live this area of my life. This topic wasn't taught in schools, but pain motivates, and I finally woke up to the realization that I was the common denominator in all those failed marriages and the quest for answers began.

I put my attention on the spiritual side of life, reading books about relationships, attending life-improvement seminars, learning to trust my intuition and inspiration, all the while searching for answers to the questions, 

"Why do I behave the way I do?" 

 "Why do others behave the way they do? and most importantly, 

"Why am I even here?" 

Answers followed.
I'm here to share what I've learned along the way.

Inner work - it's work worth doing.  


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