Jennifer Monahan
      Award-Winning Author of
      "An American in Oz"

I've had many different careers in my life starting with a lemonade stand at age ten.
Babysitting followed, then lifeguarding, surveying the mountains of Utah and Wyoming,
and selling stamps in Alaska and Florida. After years of government service, I became a freelance bookkeeper and professional organizer.

While my professional career was interesting and varied, it was in the realm of marriage that proved to be my greatest challenge.  Toward the end of my second failed marriage, I realized I had no skill sets and little information as to how to navigate the roller coaster of emotions I was experiencing.  That's when I woke up to the possibility there was a lot more going than is seen with the body's eyes. I began to focus on the spiritual side of life, reading books about relationships, co-dependency, attending life-improvement seminars, learning to trust my intuition and inspiration, all the while searching for answers to the questions, "Why is this happening to me again?"  "Why is there no peace in my home?" and most importantly,
"What is my part in all of this?" 

Answers followed.
I'm here to share what I've learned along the way.

Inner work - it's work worth doing.  


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