Jennifer Monahan
philosopher, writer, foodie, &
 award-winning golfer. 
Yes, I love golf.  There, I said it.

I've had many different careers in my life starting with a lemonade stand at age 10.
Babysitting followed, then lifeguarding, surveying the mountains of Utah and Wyoming,
and selling stamps in Alaska and Florida. After years of government service, I became a freelance bookkeeper and professional organizer. That's when I began studying the serious business of happiness.

It was time to look inward, into the final frontier, and figure out what I really wanted.
I remembered my love of writing and saw that I've been a writer since the age of 12.
After publishing two books, setting up book signings and speaking engagements and telling my stories,
 I landed a job at a golf course and learned how to play golf.  Now, I have a mixture of all three.
A few days a week, I work at a country club with a spectacular golf course.
On other days, I write in the early morning hours or when the weather is cold or rainy,
and when the weather is ideal and I have a free day
my husband and I will head to our favorite course and play a round of golf together.
Life is good.

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